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A young woman was waiting with her young child in the hall of the health center to visit her mother. But the child cried constantly and did not rest.

A young woman was waiting with her young child in the hall of the health center to visit her mother. But the child cried constantly and did not rest. The young mother was very embarrassed about the discomfort she was causing to other people. A young man sighed from time to time from the teasing that they were causing the child’s cries. The desolate mother struggled but the child did not rest. At one point, the boy says: Hey, I’ve been listening to the child’s cries for twenty minutes. Rest, my head hurts.

The embarrassed mother apologized profusely and started rocking the baby more so that it would rest. The young boy and not very well-educated got up and leaving said: I can’t stand this noise anymore, irresponsible mother. The woman began to cry asking for forgiveness. At this moment, an old woman who saw the whole scene approached him and said: Don’t worry, I know how hard it is to raise a child. I was stuck in your situation once when I was young.

Then she took out of her bag a small and old bear and gave it to the worried mother, saying: Command, I told this to the child and I think it will rest. To his surprise, the child immediately stopped and began to laugh at the bear as the mother gave it to him waved before his eyes. O great God, rest. Thank you so much ma’am you saved my life. I never imagined that this little bear would stop my baby from crying, said the young mother. The old woman smiled and said: I was in the same situation as you when I was young with my daughter who was crying when a lady comes to me, she gave me the bear and the child rested. I have saved this bear for many years and keep it in my bag.

She was such a good woman that she gave me the bear and told me to give it to someone else who will need it. At this moment, the doctor came and started to tell the young mother about the relationship with her mother’s health results: Madam, there is nothing to worry about. Your mother’s health parameters have turned out very well. The young mother was very happy, but was surprised and asked the doctor: This is good news, but my mother complains a lot and is withdrawn. The doctor answered: Your mother is fine. She is just busy and thinks she has done nothing in her life. She feels useless and thinks that her life has had no meaning.

The young mother got up with the child to enter the mother’s room and returned the bear to the old lady saying thanked for her gesture, but the old lady forgave the bear and said: Keep it, when you don’t need it anymore, give it to someone who needs it. Let’s continue this good gesture of that lady. The young woman took the bear, thanked the old lady gratefully and left. When he entered his mother’s room her, the grandmother took her granddaughter in her lap and started to caress her, but at this moment the child started to cry.

The upset grandmother returned the child to her daughter and said: Oh what did I do, I’m sorry daughter, as always I spoil everything I touch. My life has had no meaning. The girl took the child and said to her mother: what are you saying mom? This is not true. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be me or your niece. Then he took the bear out of the bag and rested the child. The grandmother stared at the bear and asked her daughter where she found it.

The girl explained what had happened and at this moment the grandmother started to smile. The girl asked her: Why are you laughing mother? My mother replied: Because I just realized that my life has not been meaningless. Lesson: As you may have guessed, the kind woman who had given the bear to the lady once was the sick mother of the young girl. In life, we can’t do everything

we may succeed, but that does not mean we have failed. No matter how small a gesture, a good action can give meaning to our lives. Therefore, whenever you get the chance, make a small gesture that can give a great meaning to your life. We must have faith in ourselves and never think

that we have not achieved anything in life. Everyone tries to do as much as they can. Remember, in life it is not necessary to do big things, but it is enough to do small things but with great love. To remove all the doubts of people who always talk, I am letting you know that the story

what you just read was a video of motivational speaker darman and i wrote what i saw in my own words. I liked it and thought you would too. Thanks for following me and remember, we don’t just write stories, we change lives. And when you share my posts, you’re changing someone’s life too.

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