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A long time ago, a young man who finds a bag in the village bazaar. He opened it and saw that it contained a thousand gold coins.

A long time ago, a young man who finds a bag in the village bazaar. He opened it and saw that it contained a thousand gold coins. After a few minutes you hear someone calling out through the crowd: Has anyone found a bag? The boy was in great temptation, he did not know how to act. A voice told him to take the bag and send it home, another voice suggested that he hand it over to the owner who was looking for it with great despair.

Finally, he decided to return the bag to the owner. As a reward, he gave the boy thirty coins. On his way home, the young man saw some merchants selling a slave. It was a time when people were sold and bought as servants. The slave was a small boy, clean-faced and totally innocent. He did not hesitate and asked them about the price and the answer was thirty gold coins. He did not hesitate and paid for the boy and rescued him from his masters.

They became very friendly, he treated the little one as if he had his own child. The child told him that he came from a rich family. He said he was the son of the leader of Fas, today’s Morocco, and that he had ended up in the hands of some bad people. They had taken him while he was playing with his friends. One day, the child met some people in the market and i said the young man: These are my father’s men, and he must have sent them to look for me.

You are a good man and do not agree to give me to those under ten thousand coins. And so they did, the boy gave the child to his father’s people for a pretty hefty sum. So the boy’s life took a different course, he was already a rich man and very soon his family members proposed to him to marry a girl. He agreed and without much delay they tied the crown. The girl also came from a rich family and the dowry she brought with her was staggering. The camels were full of the bride’s dowry and among all those gifts, the boy’s eye went to a bag and asked his wife: What is in this bag?

She answered: There are nine hundred and seventy coins in it, father had lost this bag in the Bazaar and he gave thirty of them to the young man who had found the bag and gave the rest to me as a dowry. The sad boy said to himself: So these coins that I found in the bazaar were mine. If I had not returned to God, they would have come to me from an unjust path, while now they came to me from a right path.

Lesson: You must know that what is kismet and luck for you will is accomplished in one way or another. It is very important that you accept your blessings and kismet in a legal way, in this way you will not get into someone’s hack and you will have a clear conscience. What is yours, what God has designated as a risk for you, be convinced that no one can appropriate. It will come to you in one form or another. It is only up to you to accept and take it in the right form.

That’s all you have to worry about and nothing else. I read this story somewhere in a foreign language, I really liked it and thought I’d share it with you friends. Therefore, I hope that the translation was worth it and that you liked it too. Thank you for following me, and as always, don’t forget our now famous but much needed advice: mind your own business.

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