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There was once a king who ruled a great people. He had no children and because of his age, he began to worry about the future of the kingdom.

There was once a king who ruled a great people. He had no children and because of his age, he began to worry about the future of the kingdom. The years were passing and the time had come for him to think about how he would choose his successor. So an announcement was made throughout the country that a test would be held and the winner would become king. To conduct this test, the king built a grand palace and at its main door, he placed a mechanism which had to be solved in order to open the door.

The one who would manage to open the door, he would be declared the new king of the country. Thousands of young people from all over the country participated in the competition. From morning to evening, the young men tried to solve the mechanism in order to open the door, but no one could do it. Not even them who considered themselves intelligent could not give him a solution. The news spread far and wide, so young people from neighboring kingdoms also participated in the competition.

Many famous people and known for their intelligence came and as the day passed, they left one by one without being able to give them a solution and without being able to open the door of the royal palace. In the end, only three remained persons, two were from the neighboring kingdom who were well-known for their wisdom, while the third was a simple boy from the village of that country whom no one knew. While the other two tried to solve the mechanism, the simple boy stood aloof and did not try anything.

While the king saw this, he became curious about the boy’s indifference and ordered him to be sent next to him. After the boy came, he asked him: Why don’t you try to solve this? The boy replied: Your Majesty, I came here to see clever people who are trying to become kings. Even if they succeed, I will witness this process, is there anything more joyful than that? Anyway, when they’re done and can’t get the door open, I’ll give it another try. After saying this, the boy turned back to his corner and sat down to watch the other two people who were trying to open the door by unlocking the mechanism.

After exhausting their options and energies, the two boys gave up and left the place. After that, the boy who was watching in the corner got up and went and opened the door. As soon as he opened the door, all the people started asking him how he did it. The boy answered: As I was sitting and watching those smart people trying to figure out the mechanism to open the door, a thought came to my mind. Since no one is able to open that door by solving the mechanism, I thought I would try it directly and so I did. I went and opened the door without fiddling with the mechanism.

There was no connection between the door and the mechanism and his solution had nothing to do with the door. The door had been there always open, it was enough just to push it. The king was satisfied by this reasoning, and as he had promised in the beginning, he handed over the crown and chose the boy as the new king of his people. Lesson: Often times in life, we find ourselves in similar situations and we feel as if a mountain like problem has overtaken us and we think that there is no solution for us anymore.

Therefore we cling to that problem and zoom in even more. Later, after time passes and everything goes well, we realize how simple and how little effort was needed to overcome that obstacle that we had magnified so much in our minds. Therefore, before trying to solve something, we should think calmly. I hope you liked it, friends, and I remind you of our old advice: put your mind in place, everything else will be arranged.

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