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Once upon a time there was a woman whose patience ran out. Her husband was a very loving and devoted man before he went on a peacekeeping mission, but after he returned he was already wild and unpredictable.

Once upon a time there was a woman whose patience ran out. Her husband was a very loving and devoted man before he went on a peacekeeping mission, but after he returned he was already wild and unpredictable. She had almost reached the point where she was afraid to live with her husband. Now, her husband had turned into a shadow of a person with whom she had previously been in love. When they had any trouble or any illness, the people in her village went to a wise old man to get cures and medicines. He lived alone deep in the mountains.

She was very desperate for help. She went to the hermit and explained her situation. He turned his back and said: Ah yes, in general this is what soldiers do when they return from battle. What does he expect me to do? Prepare me a medicine, said the young woman, crying. Or a drink, or a lucky garment, or whatever it is that will bring my husband back to the way he was in the beginning. He said: Agree, I need three days to prepare it. Come back in three days again to get it. Three days later, she returned to the hermit’s hut. He greeted her with a smile: I have good news.

I have prepared a remedy which will bring your husband back to the way he was before. But you should know that this medicine needs a living tiger’s whisker. She asked him in surprise: What? Such a thing is impossible. How can I get a mustache from a live tiger? He insisted: I can’t do the medicine without it. I have nothing else to say. I’m very busy. Then the old man turned his back on him. That night she could not sleep, toss and turn, thinking how can I take a mustache from a living tiger? The next day before dawn, she took a bowl of rice with minced meat and left the house.

She went to a cave near the mountain where a tiger was known to live. She approached the cave, his heart pounding, and very carefully put the bowl on the grass. Then she left, trying to make as little noise as possible. The next day, before dawn, she again took a bowl of rice with minced meat and went to the cave. She approached and noticed that the bowl she had left yesterday was empty. She changed it and put the new one which was full of rice and minced meat. Walked away slowly, trying not to step on any sticks or stir the leaves on the ground because was afraid that the wild animal would be disturbed and rush at him.

She did so day after day, for months. She never saw the tiger, but she knew for sure from where the traces that the food was being eaten by the tiger and not by any other mountain animal. One day after many, many days, when she was approaching to change the bowl, she saw the animal poke its head out of the cave. Glancing at her, she slowly approached the food place making as little noise as possible, left the food bowl and picked up the old one while her heart pounded. She was not letting go of his fear. A few weeks later, she noticed that the tiger came out of the cave whenever he heard the sound of her feet, even though he was standing far away.

Another month passed. The big cat was already waiting in front of the empty bowl when he heard the sound of her feet approaching. They were so close to each other that when he was changing the bowl food, she could smell him, just as he could smell her. Actually, she thought, you were a peaceful animal once you got to know him. The next time she visited, she saw the tiger briefly. After a week the animal allowed him to stroke its head, and lay down as if it were a domestic cat. Now she realized that the time had come. The next morning, very early, she took with her a metal cutting tool.

After putting down the bowl of fresh food, the tiger allowed him to stroke his head, grabbed one of his whiskers with one hand and quickly cut it off with the other hand. She got up and left, for the last time. What a relief. The next morning, he left early and went to his hut the hermits taking with them the animal’s precious whiskers. As soon as she entered, she said to the wise old man, crying: I have succeeded, I have the tiger’s whiskers with me. The old hermit replied: Really? From a live tiger? Tell me how you managed to do it.

She told the wise old man that for the past six months she gained the trust of the wild animal and she allowed him to grow a mustache. Proudly she extended the tiger’s whiskers to the hermit. The old man looked at it intently that it was indeed a mustache taken from a living tiger, then threw it into the chimney where it immediately disappeared. She was confused and completely froze. The hermit said softly: You don’t need a mustache anymore. Tell me, is a man wilder than how much a tiger If a wild beast will respond to your gradual and patient care, do you think a man will not?

She was speechless, and understood the lesson. Lesson: Dear site friends, this is a Korean fable and I just translated it because I liked it. The message he conveys is very clear, the same applies in the opposite case when the husband should have more patience with his wife. I have no intention of putting either gender down or up, take my stories with sportsmanship and refrain before you start with criticism that I don’t deserve. I do not represent any official grouping or not, I am an individual and I manage this site by myself according to my wish.

I am a man like all of you. Hoping that you liked it, I wish you only the best and I remind you of our already famous, but very outdated, advice: keep your mind in your place friends, keep your mind in your place. The rest are all fixed without exception, but if the mess is gone, aha, then the movie is over and the series is over with it, and you can’t do anything to fix it.

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