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When I was very young I used to come home late and stay with my friends outside. I didn’t eat at the table with my family, I never managed to come on time, I always found them asleep.

When I was very young I used to come home late and stay with my friends outside. I didn’t eat at the table with my family, I never managed to come on time, I always found them asleep. This made my mother very upset. I almost never came early to talk to my mother, when I came she was always asleep. In the morning she would leave home very early for work and I would wake up very late. He had no choice but to write the orders he wanted to give me on paper and stick the paper on the refrigerator.

In the letter, she told me where I had the food and the things she had prepared for me to eat. As time went by, the paper notes and orders began to add up. She would show me where my laundry was, she would give me instructions on where to put the unwashed clothes, and she would also let me know who I should meet or what work I had to do the next day. A good part of my youth was spent this way.

She wrote the orders on paper, and I read them when I came. One night, like every other night I came late, I was so tired that it became boring to read the letter every time I came. So I was lazy and didn’t read it at all, I went straight to bed. I woke up late in the morning. The house was just as I left it last night, it wasn’t as clean and organized as I always find it. I was actually surprised, mine used to get up at night, organize the house and then leave for work.

I went so lazy to her room. She was still lying asleep. I approached him and called him: mom it’s too late, aren’t you at work today? But she was not answering me, she was fast asleep. I spoke to him louder, I started to play him and shake him but in vain. Her body was cool, she had left this world. A pain penetrated my body deep into my soul. I was very upset and didn’t know what to do. Then I gathered myself and informed my relatives and we organized lunch to pay respects to my mother.

We escorted him to the last apartment and said goodbye. After that long day of oil and sadness, I went to bed helpless and hopeless. I lay down, my eyes fixed on the ceiling, my mind on my mom. The house was empty, cold and every I found it unbelievable. Suddenly I remembered the letter from my mother stuck on the fridge that I didn’t read last night. I immediately got up, went to the kitchen and started reading it. This time the letter was different, not with the same advice as always.

It didn’t say where I had my food, where I had my clothes washed or where it should be to leave the clothes unwashed. On the letter was written only this: My son, today I feel tired and not very well. I apologize for not preparing your food and washing your clothes. Something is wrong with my body, I don’t feel well. Please, when you come back, wake me up so that you can send me to the health center and see me the doctor.

Lesson: This incident is said to have been experienced and told by a young man. This boy lost his chance to be close to and help his mother, but you still have the chance to be close to your mother. This story is about the mother but the advice of the lesson page applies to all your relatives such as the wife, your husband, son, daughter, father, brother, sister and anyone of your heart. When actress Udrej was asked what her beauty tips are, she replied: for attractive lips, speak sweet words.

For loving eyes, see the good in people. For stylish fit, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hairs, let a child run his fingers through them at least once a day. For company, walk with knowledge and you will never be alone. People, more than things, need to renew, start over, revive and recover. Never throw anyone away.

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