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In a physics lesson, the professor asked the students: Why do we have brakes in cars? One of them replied: To stop the car sir.

In a physics lesson, the professor asked the students: Why do we have brakes in cars? One of them replied: To stop the car sir. Another student said to slow down the car and check it. Another said to avoid facing another car. Very soon, they all started giving similar answers to each other. So, professor decided to answer this question himself and said: I really appreciate your answers, but I see it this way.

The brakes on the car make it possible for us to drive it faster. Upon hearing this answer, a complete silence dominated the hall as none of them expected such a statement. The physics professor continued his explanation of the statement he made by saying: Let us suppose for one moment we don’t have brakes on the car, then how ready are we to quickly give the car without brakes?

I think that it is precisely the brakes that give us the courage to give the car faster and arrive at the right destination. They give us security in our journey, so we increase speed when possible and permissible. If we were in a car which does not have brakes, no one would have the courage to ride that vehicle, let alone give it to you at speed. Everyone present was a little confused, none of them had thought this way. The professor smiled and continued: Similarly, in our lives there are many inhibitions that stop us or limit our actions.

Our parents, our teachers, our friends and loved ones ask us about the road since we want to follow in life, about the progress and decisions we will make in life. We tend to see them as obstacles that prevent us from doing what we want. In fact, we should see them as supporting tools or as catalysts that give us security and make it possible to take risks and make the right decisions, ensuring that we are protected. This is because sometimes it is necessary to stop, or maybe even take a step back, in order to sober up and take the big step forward.

It is thanks to these people who draw our attention and give us the confidence to reach where we are today in life. If we didn’t have these brakes, we could slip, we could lose direction, we could lose our balance in life and have a sad ending. Therefore, we must understand that the brakes in our life are not made to hold us back or hinder us, but they are made to help us move forward faster so that we arrive at the desired destination safely.

I think we should all be thankful for life’s brakes, difficult situations and loved ones who advise us to move forward giving us security. We should thank you and be grateful to you, and not see you as an obstacle along our journey. Lesson: Although it was somewhat comprehensive, the main essence of this story remains the parents who from time to time scold us and prevent us from doing something thoughtless. See parents as the brakes of the car that give us security on the journey of life, not as an obstacle to slow us down.

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