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The boy was very hurt spiritually and at one point he said to the girl he loved very much: I don’t know if I’m lucky, maybe yes, maybe not.

The boy was very hurt spiritually and at one point he said to the girl he loved very much: I don’t know if I’m lucky, maybe yes, maybe not. I don’t know how I should feel already. I feel lucky to have you, but I feel unlucky that I won’t have you anymore my love, my dear. She asks him worriedly: What happened, dear? My heart is leaving me, not the one that is full of your love, but she who feeds my body, he returns. Meanwhile, she reads the results of his tests, where it was said that due to the weakening of the heart muscle, the boy had very little time left.

Don’t worry soul, there is always a heart for you somewhere, she tells him to comfort him. No soul, I do not believe that a donor will be found, I have very little time to live, I only have two weeks left. My life definitely hurts, and I’ll deal with that, but I don’t know how I’ll deal with leaving this life without you, he replies and throws himself into her arms, completely surrendered. Fortunately, after two days he receives a call from a health center that a donor has been found for him.

Very happy, the boy starts to pack his bags. She escorts him to the airport, he happy she sad. The boy is surprised and says: I don’t understand honey why you are so sad, aren’t you happy for me that a donor was found? She hugs him and whispers in his ear: Of course I’m happy for you, I’m just worried, I want your intervention to be successful. The last call for his flight is heard, he smiles goodbye. She, sad and with tears in her eyes, does not answer him. The boy leaves upset.

In his head his doubts started, he must have known someone else who is not happy that I will live and didn’t even say goodbye. Time passed and everything went well thank God, the intervention was successful and he returns home safe and sound. The house was empty, her clothes were no longer there. He turned pale, and his suspicions were confirmed. She has already left him and gone to the other. This was the reason why the girl didn’t say goodbye and wasn’t happy for him. Annoyed and angry at the same time, the boy calls the girl.

Other end of the phone: Hello Him: How could you do this to me? At least you had the courage to wait for me and tell me to my face that you have another. The other end of the phone: I’m glad you’re safe now, but I’m Maria, the girl’s mother. He: Where is Jesse? Why doesn’t it work for me? on the phone? The other side of the phone: Because it’s gone, gone forever. He: How could he do this to me? How could he leave me at a time when I need him more than ever? How could he leave me now that I have a new heart?

The Other Side of the Phone: Who Do You Think Gave Her Heart? The boy was silent and tears began to flow down his cheeks. Lesson: We can have many friends, but our dearest people are those who will sacrifice everything for us and will never leave us in the mud. It is very important not to be quick to judge someone’s actions without understanding their situation. I really hope you enjoyed it friends and thank you from the bottom of my heart for following me and reading my stories. Welcome to the next post and don’t forget, mind in place.

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